Cyber Execs  are a recognised leader in Cyber Security and  Executive Recruitment services.At Cyber Execs we understand the need for qualified high-level security executives within rapidly expanding organizations. We specialize in the search and recruitment of top-tier information security leadership, from senior security specialists to CISO, CSO, CIO, CDO, CRO and CTO's.

Our focus on building relationships and not just filling positions has made us a trusted partner with our clients. We understand why it is so critical to the success of your company to find the right person for these executive leadership roles. Here’s some of what you can expect from us:

  • Persistence in identifying the ideal skilled executive for you
  • Thorough follow-up throughout the entire process
  • Focus on building relationships with our clients
  • Thorough knowledge of the information security industry
  • A commitment to our clients’ complete satisfaction

At Cyber Execs, we strive to be the premier Cyber Security Consultancy & Executive Recruitment firm in the U.K. That’s why we work to understand your needs and to deliver upon your requirements. We know the unique combination of industry experience, organizational commitment and dedication to success that makes a true leader in this industry.

Our commitment to identifying and recruiting only the highest caliber security and IT executives has made us the preferred recruiting agency for companies seeking these elite individuals.

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If your Security management team is incomplete, let us identify and recruit the best qualified candidates for you. After all, nothing is more important than having the right executive leadership team in place.
Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Cyber Services:

Our executive Cyber resource capabilities allow us to  provide a range of experienced experts:

  • Interim CISO, CIO, CTO, CRO, CDO
  • Virtual CISO \ CIO
  • Executive Board Level Advisors
  • Non-Executive Directors
  • Executive IT Recruitment
  • Bespoke Cyber Consultancy
  • Program Directors / Managers
  • Cyber Maturity Assessments
  • GCSx, PSN, PCI, NHS\N3 support
  • Cyber Essentials Assessments
  • GDPR\Data ProtectionAssessment
At Cyber Execs, we are committed to achieving satisfactory long term senior executive placements in high pressure organisations.

 Subject matter expertise:

  • Our CISO's have multiple years of experience in key Cyber security leadership roles
  • Experienced experts who will steer your Cyber and information security strategy and support your teams.
  • Independent experts that provide an unbiased view of your Cyber and information security strategy, risk, compliance and security programs to ensure they are fit for purpose and aligned to your organisational business and risk appetite.
  • Deep understanding of the full risk management lifecycle and how Cyber fits into the broader risk management frameworks.

Our Interim CISO service will:

  • Provide an immediate subject matter expert with extensive experience.
  • Manage the successful delivery of your Cyber and information security strategy\roadmap.
  • Save you time, money, resources and manage your on-going CISO recruitment process.
  • Provide your shareholders and clients confidence that Cyber and information security is being managed effectively.
  • Provide you with an on-demand business and risk focused CISO.
  • Provide you the ability to communicate to your CEO and board level stakeholders on Cyber Issues.
Consultancy Services
Board Level Assurance
Strategic Advisory Services
Training and Awareness
Board Level Assurance

Cyber Execs's cutting-edge, world-class business service is tailor made for senior Executives and Boards of organisations from all sectors to optimise the ability of their organisations and to address the complexity of the holistic cyber security environment.

Our Cyber Security Services  comprise a range of interventions designed to support the organisation’s Cyber agenda needs.

Cyber Execs Advisory Services

Effective Cyber Security requires taking a holistic approach encompassing people, process, culture  as well as Information Technology.

Cyber Execs offers our clients a holistic portfolio of complementary services that can be tailored to your specific organisational needs.

These range from providing strategic advisory services, identifying gaps and developing Cyber strategies for business transformation. 

Cyber Training and awareness

Cyber Execs offers a world-class portfolio of engaging and leading-edge learning and development training from the Boardroom to all levels across an organisation.

Our quality Cyber Security and Information Security Awareness training is well received with the Cyber Industry and our Clients.

We support your internal teams to ensure staff understand the training content and not just tick box compliance

Executive & IT Recruitment
GDPR Readiness Review
Cyber Essentials Review
Board Level Assurance

Our executive Cyber resource capabilities allow us to  provide a range of experienced experts.  Cyber Execs provides recruitment services for both permanent and Interim placements.

  • Interim CISO, CIO, CTO, CRO, CDO
  • Virtual CISO, CIO
  • Non-Executive Directors
  • CEO, CFO, COO, CXO placements
  • Executive Board Level Advisors
  • IT Recruitment services
  • Bespoke Cyber Consultants
  • Program Directors / Managers

At Cyber Execs, we are committed to achieving satisfactory long term senior executive placements in high pressure organisations.

Cyber Execs Advisory Services

The European Union has ratified the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), updating the laws covering the capture and control of personal information, and consumer consent to use it.

Built on core principles established by the Data Protection Directive in 1998, GDPR establishes new rights for consumers, and new legal obligations for businesses that gather and utilize that data.

How will the new laws impact processes that have become critical to nearly all aspects of business, especially marketing?

Cyber Execs supports companies to prepare for their new responsibilities.

Cyber Execs - Global Security Services

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed Scheme. The Scheme helps organisations of all sizes to measure their defences against common forms of cyber-attacks.

The Cyber Essentials scheme identifies some fundamental sound technical security controls that an organisation needs to have in place and can potentially build on to help defend against cyber threats.

Cyber Execs supports you organisation by going through a Cyber Essentials assessment, which allows organisations to  lower their risk of serious data and financial loss by placing cyber security on the board agenda and taking responsibility.

Risk Assurance Services
Project Management Services
Cyber Execs - Global Partners
Risk Assurance
Cyber Execs, Risk Assurance service helps businesses define and measure the information risks they face, to ensure that risks that are underwritten by clients’ own insurers are accurate and cost effective.      

Our approach to Risk incorporates the regulatory and legislative requirements and provides a complete assessment for audit and remediation plans.This enables us to support the management of risks against Cyber breaches which can lead to reputational damage, negative impacts to operations or to direct loss in the market value of a company.

Cyber Execs - Cyber Recruitment

Cyber Execs, Project Management Services are trusted by governments and multi-national organisations and has a proven track record in transformation projects and delivering discreet and valued solutions to global clients improving Cyber resilience and maturity.

By working closely with international clients we will help you demystify Cyber Security delivery and understand the Threat landscape to ensure that the appropriate level of governance, risk mitigation, and training are delivered to protect our clients.

Cyber Execs Global

In a fast changing world, the dynamics surrounding security and protection are increasingly complex.

Cyber  Execs, Security Services understands that it is not enough to look at the  technical requirements in isolation: each environment needs aspects of logical,physical and virtual security to be considered.

We provide tried and tested approaches and partnered services based on experience and industry best practice to deliver to your security needs.    

Project Management Services

Cyber Execs seeks strategic, long-term partnerships with our Clients and our commitment is to provide outstanding resourcing services. We have a strong reputation for delivering consistently high performance across our client base as a result of our commitment to exceptional account management, which has resulted in the development of strong and trusted relationships across our key accounts. Evidence of this is our success and longevity of supply within formal Client relationships.

Benefits of a Managed Service Solution

There are many benefits associated with the adoption of the MSP delivery model for managing contractors and interims. A summary of the main benefits is included below for ease of reference.

  • Simplification of your supply chain
  • Reduction of your non-compliant spend
  • Reduction of management time associated with all elements of contractor and interim recruitment
  • Provision of a more efficient and effective recruitment service and securing improved management reporting and control
  • Assumed responsibility for delivery of contract resource
  • Strategic input into cost and process improvement

Ideas into Reality

Whatever your business ambition, our delivery experts work with you to turn your strategy into reality. Our passion for client success is supported by our tenacious and driven approach.


Business Transformation

There is immense pressure on business leaders to deliver bigger and faster returns. Our business transformation team bring the capability, approach and track record to guarantee your success.

At Cyber Execs we provide dedicated and experienced personnel with sole responsibility for delivery to the Client.

To find out more about our services, call   +44 (0) 203 887 1000.

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