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Established in 2011 by a group of CISO's and CIOs, Cyber Execs® is now an industry recognised expert and dynamic Cyber Security Consultancy & Executive Recruitment firm who are trusted to deliver bespoke Cyber Security Consultancy, Project Management, Executive & IT Recruitment services across EMEA and Russia.

At Cyber Execs we understand that one size does not fit all, so we provide a high calibre of experienced Cyber experts to manage your Cyber Security and Information Security threats, risks and assets. Our CISO's, (Chief Information Security Officers), have an extensive background across multiple industry sectors to provide you the expertise and assurance you require.

We provide a mix of the best of what a consultancy offers (expert knowledge & project delivery), with the best of what a recruitment company can offer (variety and flexibility of resource/skills), combined with a highly flexible and competitive pricing strategy.

Cyber Execs is vendor agnostic and delivers a unique set of comprehensive Cyber Security and Information Security services which will enable and optimise your business. Our expert team will provide Cyber Security consultancy and IT recruitment services with experienced experts who are widely recognised as industry leaders in multiple sectors.

As one of the only niche recruitment businesses to house a dedicated cyber recruitment practice, Cyber Execs global clients range from Investment Banks, Retail Banks, Investment and Asset Management firms, Hedge Funds (FTSE 500) to Critical National Infrastructure(CNI) sites, Insurance, Energy, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Local Councils, Governmental, Public, Manufacturing, Private and Global corporate sectors.

To learn more about Cyber Execs, follow us on Twitter @CyberExecsLtd  or call 0203 887 1000 to talk to our team.

Cyber Execs

The Cyber Execs Project Management Team works with you and your team to turn your business vision, objective, goal or strategy into reality. We bring a mix of leading-edge thinking combined with a hands-on approach to actively transform your business, leaving your business stronger, fitter and more profitable for having worked with us.

Cyber Execs was formed by a revolutionary team of entrepreneurial leaders and award winning consultants looking to transform the way the world thinks about ‘consulting’. Since our creation, our passion for delivering business success for our clients has driven every member of our Cyber Execs Consulting team.  

project management
IT Transformation
Programme Management Services
For over two decades our team has honed and refined its programme skills to develop a world-class suite of programme management services to deliver the most complex business initiatives, successfully, 100% of the time.
Strategy Enablement
Whether it is launching new products and services to market, entering new geographies, new business ideas or generating revenue growth, Cyber Execs Consulting provides the expertise to plan, launch, manage and deliver your success.
Technology Transformation
Our clients here are senior Technology Executives who value our impartial and bias-free approach to IT implementation and delivery. Our business model is independent of technology providers or outsource partners.

Contract/Interim IT Recruitment

Cyber Execs provides contract IT recruitment services for both short- and long-term assignments throughout the UK and Europe. We ensure the reliability of candidates with thorough reference checking and ongoing reviews. We provide only the best consultants who match your requirements accurately. 

Our consultants can expect excellent support throughout their assignments and as you would imagine, we support our clients with our proactive management of contractor issues and a full commitment to IT contract recruitment.

Cyber Execs attracts a high calibre of Interim CISO's, CIO's, CDO, CSO by pro-active networking, strategic IT recruitment advertising, recommendations, targeted campaigns and search and selection.

Permanent  Recruitment

Cyber Execs understands that the permanent IT recruitment process is all about selecting staff who have the right skills and experience, but also the personality, attitude and ability that will provide a sympathetic blend with our client’s core culture.

We can recruit on a contingency basis, as part of your PSL or on a retained basis. Our many permanent IT recruitment clients include some of the largest names in the Cyber Security and Information Security.

Our clients range from the Oil and Gas, Energy and Utilities  sectors, to a wide range of companies in Banking, Financial, Asset Management, Investment, FinTech, Insurance, Retail, Health, IT & Telecoms, Managed Services Providers, NHS, and Governmental and Public Sector.

We are able to respond flexibly and to design the right service for whatever your needs are.


We have skilled and experienced consultants that are available to meet (or work with you on a short term basis) and advise on the best IT resource management solution. Our clients have benefited from our independent status and sector expertise. Our advice might range from recommending the right IT consultancy or IT systems integrator for your particular needs, supplying a project team on a fixed price basis ourselves (see Project Management below), the use of IT contract personnel and/or permanent hires, or the more efficient and effective use of existing IT resource within the organisation.

Project Management

We have the ability to provide fully resourced IT project teams on a fixed price basis. This work is typically best suited to discreet projects where the use of a Consultancy or Systems Integrator is not deemed appropriate due to price or level of priority. Projects such as these from our viewpoint are always classed as high priority and we ensure we have the best people assigned to them and they are strictly managed to meet timelines and budget.

Virtual Project Teams

This is where we have pools of highly skilled IT resource that can be called upon on exactly when required and released again exactly when required. The service starts with a clear timetable of when and the type of skill/resource required at the different stages of an IT project. Planning is crucial to the success of this method but once in place our clients benefit from a highly efficient, effective and cost effective approach.

Trusted Partner

We look to work with IT Consultancies and IT Systems Integrators to support their commitments to their clients by providing a flexible and swift provision of skilled resource.

Executive Search for Senior Recruitment

Where clients require senior professionals with very specific Information Technology skills within our specialist areas, our deep industry expertise enables us to provide innovative executive search and selection methodologies. Our services provide competitive advantage to clients through executive recruitment and high value human resource consultancy.

Clients retain our executive search and selection services when they are looking to achieve positive change, growth and competitive advantage. Clients range in scale from start-ups, to developing SMEs and larger established players.

A recent assignment has been with an organisation that had spent six months looking for a Head of Information Security using a number of generalist IT recruitment companies without success. The client then retained Cyber Execs to carry out the search in what was perceived to be an exhausted market. However, due to our specific Cyber sector knowledge and contact base, we provided a shortlist of highly qualified CISO's and after a closely managed selection process the person is now in position.

Executive Career Counselling

We offer a career counselling service for experienced professionals wishing to have an independent discussion and assessment of their skills and potential future career direction.

The service is provided by individuals with over two decades of experience and involves analysis of key strengths and advice on the mechanics of making the next career move.

With the rising importance of Cyber and Information security risks in every business now, the role of the CISO has become a critical appointment.  The ever evolving business needs and Cyber threats means that the CISO must understand the nature of your business, the threats being faced and how best to secure the assets to reduce the risk in a cost effective manner.

The recruitment of a experienced CISO with these skills is not an easy task. It takes an experienced CISO to identify what is needed. The growing shortage of experienced CISO's on the global market has ensured that the recruitment of a CISO is very expensive and in such a critical role it cannot be the wrong one.

At Cyber Execs we work with the best industry recognised CISO's.Our Interim CISO service will manage your Cyber Security and Information Security risks effectively. Our CISO's will manage the temporary or long term requirements and support your end to end recruitment process.

Cyber Execs will give you that competitive edge.

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