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By Adam West 13 Sep, 2016

Does your recruitment team or C-Suite understand  what  a Chief information Security Officer (CISO) does or should be doing ?

With the fast expanding growth of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Choose Your Own Device (CYOD), social networking and CLOUD services like Office 365, Amazon Web services and various others.

This boom has resulted in a constantly changing business threat landscape. Cyber security is rapidly moving up the C-suite agenda as a result, and has gained more recognition at the board level. Highly publicised breaches and more stringent regulation have also spotlighted cyber security in every small medium and large organisation, from FinTech start-ups to multinationals.

The lasting effects of the global economic downturn have also forced many organisations to introduce significant efficiencies in their operations. This means businesses are now far more likely to adopt new technologies or approaches that reduce costs, irrespective of the risks they might introduce.

All too often this will lead to lack of Cyber Risk understanding  with most businesses still lacking a dedicated, board-level owner of cyber security and risk management who is engaged in the overall strategy of the business and actually understand the CISO role rather than the another C-suite member taking responsibility for it and seeing it as an IT problem.

Organisations must move quickly to understand and manage fast-changing cyber and other social media threats, or risk being caught out.

Equally, managing these new cyber opportunities and risks can bring benefits in innovation, productivity, competitiveness and customer engagement.  At Cyber Execs our experienced Cyber Consultancy team have an answer to this, which is  to implement one of our next-generation CISO.

Building on the traditional skills of consultancy and information security officers, At Cyber Execs, our next-generation CISOs have a wide skillset that includes an understanding of cyber security and risk management, business acumen, Program Transformation, Service Delivery, Audit, Compliance and Governance management ; as well as an ability to communicate at C-suite level.

Traditional information security officer skills are no longer enough!

The role of the traditional CISO has evolved over the past few years, and digital developments have affected this area as much as any other. Advances in cyber security, information security, risk management and other aspects of technology have put a vast new set of demands on the CISO.

Of course, the basics remain the same: information security (IS), information risk management (IRM), data protection and classification, and oversight of audits, governance and compliance, as well as technical, operational, legal and regulatory risks.

But the basics are no longer enough!

 The business and threat landscape is changing rapidly, and organisations that don’t keep up are at serious financial, reputational, legal and regulatory risk. Ultimately, their boards will be held accountable.

This has resulted in the expansion of the CISO role to create a next-generation CISO that covers many additional elements, including cyber security, C-level strategy and business risk management.

Representing cyber security strategy at board level

Too many businesses are leaving themselves vulnerable to today’s cyber security threats by relying on an outdated structure that includes a traditional information security risk manager typically reporting to the chief information officer. With cyber threats growing daily, a dedicated owner of cyber security and information risk management at board level is now vital.

As businesses move towards an even more innovative online presence, the appointment of a next-generation CISO can ensure that any cyber security strategy contributes to financial stability and growth, and embeds security in all of the organisation’s plans.

So, if you don’t currently have someone on your board who’s dedicated to cyber security but also understands regulatory requirements and overall business strategy, perhaps it’s time you started looking for your next-generation CISO.

At Cyber Execs we provide Non Executive Directors(Cyber Security Directors), Board Level  Advisory and Interim CISO services.

We take the headache out of recruiting and provide recognised experienced leadership in Cyber Security and Information  Security to support and enhance your capabilities.

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By Adam West 08 Sep, 2016

Cyber Security is a Board-level issue. It is the Board’s responsibility to drive the programme forward; this will only flourish with positive leadership, a coherent strategy and proactive information governance. The Board needs to be aware of the evolving risks to their organisation to manage the risk to the life blood of that organisation: information. Cyber Execs  Ltd offers a unique, holistic approach to enhance your organisation’s Cyber Security and safeguard your business against ever-increasing Cyber Threats.

Contact us for a discreet conversationto discuss how we can meet your needs and for case studies examining how we have engaged with Boards across the FTSE 250 and with the other Private and Public Sector clients. Our Platinum Board Level Service is led by experienced experts with a proven track record of successful interventions at Board-level.

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By Adam West 07 Sep, 2016

Cyber risk management  and C-suite Leadership is the one of the key concern for most financial firms and investment organisations. Executive Board members and Non Executive Directors are increasing finding it hard to locate the right candidate with the skills in Cyber, Risk, Delivery, Operations, Audit, Technical, Business and Governance.  At Cyber Execs Ltd we have worked with various clients including privately owned multi-national to place Executive Level Advisors and Interim CISO's  to support the C-suite to help them understand what direction to take. We have also taken the pain out of the recruitment process with our unique approach utilising our subject matter experts leading the selection panel.

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